Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS will support Android apps

Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS will support Android apps

Fuchsia OS' ability to run Android apps hardly comes as a surprise for anyone as it has the largest app market and is the largest mobile OS in the world. It says that Fuchsia Device Targets are used to build ART (Android Runtime) for Fuchsia, and both arm64 and X86_64 architectures are mentioned in the listing.

Unsurprisingly, it looks like Fuchsia will be able to offer support for Android apps right off the bat, based on concrete evidence discovered by 9To5Google in Android's Open Source Project repositories. The project is already in works for more than three years.

Despite clear evidence that Android apps will be compatible with Google's Fuchsia OS, there are still a lot of questions surrounding the means through which they will be able to run on the new operating system. But we've seen an increasing number of reports revealing that Fuchsia development is moving forward, as well as one important official move from Google that suggests the company is laying the groundwork that should make switching from Android to Fuchsia a breeze for users.

Of course, the specifics and the technical execution of this endeavor are likely to remain under wraps for a while longer, especially given the fickle nature of the Fuchsia initiative as a whole. Fuchsia first surfaced back in 2016 as a project that appeared on GitHub.

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Unfortunately, the README doesn't explain how Fuchsia will use ART from there.

Overall, this development means Fuchsia devices will run Android apps.

That should help ease new users into Fuchsia. This unique version of ART will be installable on Fuchsia OS devices using a.far file (which looks to be Android's equivalent of an APK file). According to the latest set of codes, the Fuchsia OS is supposed to run Android apps. Google will, hopefully, share more info regarding the progress during its Google I/O 2019 later this year.

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