Here's Everything That's New in iOS 12.2 Beta 1

Here's Everything That's New in iOS 12.2 Beta 1

"With iOS 12.2, you can now set custom Downtime for each day depending on which day of the week it is". Users will now be allowed to customize the Screen Time feature to account for days of the week.

The iOS 12.2 beta gives developers and average users a chance to try the next version of iOS 12 before it arrives for the general public.

After that, your device will reboot to the Home screen and you will see iOS 12.1.2 installed on your device.

It is to be expected that the subscription service might be known as "Apple News Magazines", and iTunes store will handle the payment system. The Memoji allows you to design your own animated emoji, which can also be controlled by your facial expressions thanks to the combination of iPhones' extra sensors and updated software.

If a while ago, liberating iOS devices from Apple's "prison" in order to enjoy brand new features was something that developers were doing on a daily basis, these days it seems that things are getting more and more sophisticated.

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The iOS 12 makes the older phones like the iPhone 6+ and iPad Air much faster: 40 per cent faster app launches, 50 per cent faster keyboard opening, and nearly 70 per cent improvement in opening the camera, according to Apple. Though with the current implementation, the time window you set applies to the entire week.

If you're sick and exhausted of dealing with iOS bugs and performance issues on your mobile devices, give the iOS 12.2 beta a try on your phone or tablet today.

Well, if iOS 12.1.1 and iOS 12.1.2 were only messing up the mobile data connections on both 3G and 4G, the new iOS 12.1.3 now causes a "No Service" error and WiFi connection drop. That could be inconvenient for someone who would prefer to have different Downtime settings depending on the day of the week.

There has not been any official date set for the launch of iOS 12.2 as yet.

Apple has released iOS 12.2 Public beta for download for users part of the company's free Public beta tester program.

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