Son of Governor Steals Spotlight By Crashing the Stage During Dad’s Speech

Son of Governor Steals Spotlight By Crashing the Stage During Dad’s Speech

He also called for the state's government to serve as a contrasting example for the comparison to the federal government. Scooping up his sleepy-looking son, who nuzzled into his father's shoulder, Newsom-in the midst of decrying President Trump's immigration policies-didn't miss a beat.

Still, Trump has not backed off, and on Wednesday appeared to escalate his threats to withhold federal dollars if unspecified programs are not reformed.

Californians have increasingly built homes and communities in fire-prone areas, in part for the scenic beauty and in part because the state has a dire need for new housing. He later reposted his message with the word correctly spelled.

On Tuesday, shortly after being sworn in, Newsom - who ran on the proposal of providing healthcare to everyone in California, though he struggled to explain how he would pay for it - signed an executive order taking steps in that direction.

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California's wildfire season, always risky and frequently deadly, has extended almost year-round amid warming temperatures and extended dry spells.

Trump tweeted that "unless they get their act together". As Newsom continues to give his speech like a seasoned pro, his wife Jennifer tries to coax their son off the stage but he ignores her plea. Many believe Newsom also harbours ambitions for national politics, and a charming moment with his family won't have done those any damage. "It's deliberate, it reflects intentionality, and it speaks to the priority that I place on emergency preparedness, response and recovery".

Fire control is not Trump's only grievance with the Golden State, which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Newsom in November.

California Republican lawmakers are criticizing President Donald Trump for threatening to withhold federal money for wildfire relief. That was the deadliest and most destructive in state history.

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