Stars Above: Get set for super blood moon eclipse

Stars Above: Get set for super blood moon eclipse

Are you ready for Sunday night's "Super Blood Wolf Moon"?

Well, a Super Wolf Blood Moon occurs when three astral events occur at the same time, namely a Super Moon, Wolf Moon and Blood Moon.

It's hard to predict the exact hue of lunar eclipses, but whatever shade results can offer insight about the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere. About once a month, a full moon is visible when it nears that far point and shines brightly as Earth covers up most of the sun.

According to NASA, if the skies are clear the eclipse will be visible across North America, South America, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, France and Spain. That's why it's called a wolf moon.

A partial eclipse will also be visible in lead up to the total eclipse and after it is completed. You'll see the same thing, but obviously in reverse in the second half of the eclipse. January 21st, February 19th and March 21st 2019 with the February full moon being the closest and largest full supermoon of the year. It could look reddish (a "blood moon").

The eclipse is being called Super Blood Wolf Moon.

In a supermoon, our planet's satellite appears 14 per cent larger and nearly 30 per cent brighter in the sky.

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The National Space Research and Development Agency on Friday says Nigeria will join other countries of the world to experience a total lunar eclipse on Monday. It's unknown if the moon will turn a coppery red or remain dark, which is another possibility. Some sunlight reaches the Earth's atmosphere, which envelops the moon and gives it the rich colour. There's no violence involved, instead, the term comes from a reddening of moon, as light leaks around the edge of Earth.

Total lunar eclipses occur when the moon moves into flawless alignment with the sun and earth, giving it a copper-red or "blood" appearance to those watching from below. This is because red light has a longer wavelength and can travel a longer distance, rather than blue light, which the Earth's atmosphere filters out.

More commonly, people know the full moon in September as the harvest moon. There's no actually wolf connection to the moon here.

"The eclipse, expected to be total, will begin in the evening of Sunday and end on Monday".

This super blood moon is going to be fun because we will be able to see the moon and the stars in the same sky - usually the moon is too bright to see the stars at the same time, according to the Cherokee of the early 1800s.

The moon will start to enter the earth's shadow just after 2.30am and the maximum eclipse will happen just before 5.15am.

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