Tim Cook: Apple will launch more healthcare-related services in 2019

Tim Cook: Apple will launch more healthcare-related services in 2019

Qualcomm and Apple have been embroiled in several ongoing lawsuits surrounding hardware patents for the chips in Apple's iPhone and other products, which Qualcomm argues infringe on its intellectual property.

Apple then hit back by telling Reuters that, "Qualcomm is desperate to obfuscate the tales it has been telling its investors". Cook made it clear that this case will keep raging on for a long time to come with little chance of a settlement. "Because our business has always been about enriching people's lives", Cook said.

'There will more things coming.

Obviously, health is not the only new product being developed in Apple's labs.

"For 2018... we achieved net sales of $265.6 billion and operating income of $70.9 billion, each representing a year-over-year increase of 16 percent, and exceeding the 2018 maximum annual cash incentive program goals for both of those performance measures", the filing reads.

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So far, Apple has focused on software in the health world. A few months ago, the group had cracked the first private company in history, the One trillion mark in the stock market and seemed to be unchallenged on the throne to sit.

Apple has been working to get a video streaming service off the ground for years, and with many content deals tied up and production underway, it's anticipated that 2019 is the year we will finally see what Apple has been working on.

Apple has also slowly brought its Apple Watch device into the medical world. Since rolling out about a month ago, we've already seen a handful of stories involving people who were alerted to potentially unsafe heart conditions via the ECG app on their Apple Watch Series 4. It can also alert users if it looks like they have an irregular heartbeat. Cook predictably would't talk about anything specially, but he did say that Apple was going to be offering new services during the next year.

Mr Cook, in an interview with CNBC just six days after a sales warning sent shares skidding, highlighted a "culture of innovation" that he predicted would keep Apple a major force in technology.

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