Trump Mocks Global Warming as Temps Sink: 'Please Come Back'

Trump Mocks Global Warming as Temps Sink: 'Please Come Back'

The Midwestern United States is now enduring life-threatening cold temperatures-which these days all but ensures, as so many climate reporters and experts anticipated, an ignorant and even infuriating tweet from President Donald Trump conflating weather and climate. He also spelled global warming as "Global Waming" giving enough hint that his past goofups with spellings haven't yet taught him a lesson.

Trump - who has called climate change a hoax invented by the Chinese - took issue with the scientific consensus of global warming by pointing out that it will be severely cold in some parts of the country this week.

Late Monday, Trump tweeted about the brutal and risky wind chills hitting the middle of the country, and even asked global "waming" (sic) to "please come back fast".

By Wednesday, dangerously cold wind chills caused by a displaced polar vortex are expected to drop temperatures in the Midwest near negative 30F and the wind chill could be as low as negative 50F or 60F - the lowest they've been in more than two decades, reported. "People can't last outside even for minutes", he tweeted. "Please come back fast, we need you!" As he noted, "Trump's climate-trolling is such obvious outrage bait that you nearly want to ignore it, but it's also self-provided evidence of one of the most significant ignorance crises of his presidency, so I dunno". "In coming days, expected to get even colder", Trump wrote on Twitter Monday night. Amid freezing temperatures a year ago, Trump tweeted: "Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS - Whatever happened to Global Warming?"

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This is not the first time Trump has demonstrated he can't grasp the concept of global warming or how it works.

As the Associated Press reported, "weather refers to the atmospheric conditions during a shorter period, while climate is a longer view of weather patterns".

"We will never again see a President like this".

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