Trump reluctant to mention the wall in border speech

Trump reluctant to mention the wall in border speech

It found a almost identical 41% support for a border wall, and that only 25% support Trump's keeping the government closed as a means to secure funding for the wall.

The address offered little hope of a breakthrough in negotiations over the shutdown, leaving the argument about where it was before Mr Trump began talking. "So how much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job", he said.

As he's done since the beginning of his presidential campaign, Trump cherry-picked uncited statistics and cases to illustrate his unproven belief that undocumented immigrants are synonymous with crime. Trump, who has long railed against illegal immigration at the border, has recently seized on humanitarian concerns to argue there is a broader crisis that can only be solved with a wall along the US-Mexico border. A lack of resources to process their refugee claims, along with a Trump administration policy of laying criminal charges against anyone crossing illegally, has led to long queues at border crossings and the separation of children from parents in detention facilities.

The situation at the border was dubbed a "humanitarian and national security crisis" by Trump in a Monday tweet announcing his speech. It also had a mandatory employment verification system to ensure all US employees are authorized to work in the country.

"As part of an overall approach to border security, law enforcement professionals have requested $US5.7 billion for a physical barrier", he said.

But the President is rejecting these bipartisan bills which would re-open government - over his obsession with forcing American taxpayers to waste billions of dollars on an expensive and ineffective wall - a wall he always promised Mexico would pay for!

"The federal government remains shut down for one reason, and one reason only, because Democrats will not fund border security".

Pelosi and Schumer also emphasized an obvious fact: On the first day that the 116th Congress was in session, House Democrats, who now hold the majority, passed government spending legislation that was almost identical to what Senate Republicans passed at the tail-end of the 115th Congress.

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The dire rhetoric and the other actions resonated primarily in the red states of America, where Trump already enjoys strong support. Those numbers mean a person's odds of becoming a victim of homicide in tightly packed, diverse New York City were about the same as they were in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota.

In a 2018 report, the agency said the most common trafficking technique by transnational criminal organizations is to hide drugs in passenger vehicles or tractor-trailers as they drive into the US though entry ports, where they are stopped and subject to inspection. But he did not mention that Tuesday night. The first was the American public, which polls indicate are generally uninterested in his border wall proposal and view the president as responsible for the government shutdown.

Mr Trump called on Democrats to return to the White House to meet with him, saying it was "immoral" for "politicians to do nothing".

TRUMP: "Democrats will not fund border security".

The number of illegal border crossings is down from 1.6 million in 2000 to fewer than 400,000 previous year.

Mr Trump has asserted that he has the authority to build a wall without congressional approval if he declares a national emergency, but the White House hasn't explained the legal justification.

Senate Democrats have approved similar funding year after year. Such a move would be all but certain to prompt challenges in court.

Some correspondents have speculated that he may ultimately resort to such a declaration as a last-ditch tactic to allow him to reopen the government without losing face to Democrats.

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