Volkswagen brings back the dune buggy as an EV

Volkswagen brings back the dune buggy as an EV

One of the most popular recreational vehicles back in the 60's and 70's - especially in the United States -was the dune buggy or beach buggy as others would call it.

- Based on Volkswagen's new MEB platform. It's being prepared for a debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Like the original vehicles from the 1960s and 70s, the new concept rolls on large wheels and chunky tires, and requires the driver and buddies to hop over the bodywork to take their seats - no doors here. The dune buggy was based on the Beetle convertible chassis which also became the foundation of other bodies from other companies.

Volkswagen just dropped teaser photos of their upcoming beach buggy concept.

Although it hasn't been confirmed for production just yet, Volkswagen created it to show that its upcoming MEB platform for fully electric vehicles is flexible enough to accommodate lower-volume niche vehicles such as this - so our suspicion is that it will eventually get the green light if the public get excited enough about the show auto.

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Of all the vehicle designs it could revive, Volkswagen chose the buggy partly based on popularity and partly based on parallelism.

VW brand design head Klaus Bischoff said the concept is a non-retro interpretation of a classic that "demonstrates the emotional bond that electric mobility can create".

Reborn fun-merchant Volkswagen has just released a pair of rendered images of its new electric "dune buggy" concept.

If Volkswagen were to actually put an electric dune buggy into production, you have to assume it would only appeal to a limited number of buyers. The fully electric concept buggy will be shown for the first time on 5 March at the Geneva stage.

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