BioWare Details ‘Anthem’ Endgame with New Missions, Stories

BioWare Details ‘Anthem’ Endgame with New Missions, Stories

Alongside this, BioWare shared a content roadmap in the form of a calendar of events; it lists the first "act", titled Echoes of Reality, as launching in March.

Bioware has released a new video showing off some of the Anthem endgame content, and it looks rather interesting.

Strongholds will be a major endgame event and all four of you will have to work as a solid team to verse the most fearsome beasts and obtain the greatest loot that Anthem has to offer.

Once players have completed the campaign, they will be able to dig their teeth into Challenges, Contracts, Freeplay, and Strongholds, which will comprise a large part of Anthem's endgame. Players will also have access to Contracts.

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Once you reach Anthem's endgame content, you can grab new gear in a variety of ways. Anthem's instructional spreadsheet shown below was released towards the end of January and broke down how people can play the game either at its full release or at an earlier date. The highest difficulty level is Hard before reaching level 30, but three levels of Grand Master difficulty are unlocked after hitting that threshold. The last three are called Grandmaster 1, 2, and 3. Javelin exosuits make their pilots powerful heroes in the world, with awesome weapons and incredible special abilities that allow for combat and exploration in a hostile environment. "Those will be delivered through a series of updates called "Acts", which advance Anthem's storylines through new locations, gameplay features, character interactions, and more". "They're created to be more seasonal", Darrah said, adding that "the goal of something like a Cataclysm is that it should be impossible for you to fully explore in that first week".

The Cataclysm is described as "a world-changing, time-limited event" that will bring extreme weather, risky new enemies and new mysteries to get to the bottom of in Anthem's world.

Legendary contracts will appear too, though these will be sectioned out into a few parts and a lot harder to complete... but just think of that sweet sweet loot at the end! Improving your reputation with different groups will give you access to crafting blueprints.

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