Bug-spotting teen gets a thank you in Apple’s latest iOS update

Bug-spotting teen gets a thank you in Apple’s latest iOS update

And that patch is ready with Apple confirming that an update is available for iOS 12 right now. Meanwhile, do note that the Group FaceTime will not be available to users that didn't upgrade to the latest version of iOS and macOS.

Apple today released a fix for a serious bug in its group FaceTime video messaging app.

Over a week ago, it was discovered that 3rd party callers could potentially eavesdrop via FaceTime if they initiate a Group FaceTime without having you to accept the call.

In a statement obtained by Business Insider, Apple confirmed the update and said it also conducted a "thorough security audit of the FaceTime service and made additional updates to both the FaceTime app and server to improve security". Group FaceTime will remain disabled for all iOS users running iOS 12.1.3 or earlier.

So if your phone seems sluggish after iOS 12.1.3 upgrade and if you wish to downgrade back to a lower version, it seems you simply can not as Apple has blocked it. In the days following, it was discovered that the mother of United States teen Grant Thompson alerted the company a week before it took action; Apple is reportedly rewarding the family per its bug hunting policy.

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Apple credited the Tucson teenager, Grant Thompson, for discovering the FaceTime bug.

Launch System Preferences and open Software Update.

Alternatively, if you have Automatic Updates enabled (you can find this setting in Settings General Software Update), then you can just wait for it to automatically download and install.

While they were at it, Apple also slipped in two other security updates in the iOS and macOS releases for vulnerabilities they found Foundation and IOKit that could lead to code execution or privilege escalation.

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