Google's Pixel 4 will offer improved dual-SIM functionality

Google's Pixel 4 will offer improved dual-SIM functionality

That's because Google has brought back its Pixel 3 buy-one-get-one-cheaper promotion, offering fans up to 50% on the second Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL purchase. According to a source, the next-gen Pixel device will be coming with an improved dual SIM functionality.

The information comes from an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Gerrit commit spotted by XDA Developers.

We're expecting a Google Pixel 4 at some point later this year, but so far we haven't heard too many rumors about it. However, Pixel devices don't support Dual SIM Single Standby (DSSS) technology which means that users can have dual SIM but won't be able to use the inactive SIM for calls or messages. There is also DSDA or Dual SIM, Dual Active, which requires two different radios and allows the SIMs to be used simultaneously - but the smartphone industry mostly uses DSDS for dual SIM support on handsets. When one SIM is being used, a call or text coming in to the other SIM can not be received.

Pixel 4's rumored DSDS mode, which sounds like it will run on the same SIM/eSIM configuration as the previous Pixels, should work more like Apple's iPhone XS: When both SIMs are inserted, activated and standing by, a call or text can come through on either.

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This allows users to have two phone numbers running at the same time - so you can send a text to a close personal friend from your own number, then take an important call from someone ringing your work line.

For those who want to use dual SIM functionality to juggle a business and personal number, that's a pretty serious setback. Just as interesting, however, is the note that the Pixel 3 does have that as well but is limited to internal testing.

As we've mentioned, not much is known about the Pixel 4 at this stage - October or November seems like a good guess for a launch date, sometime after the new 2019 iPhones have appeared.

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