Hugh Jackman isn't quite done his and Ryan Reynolds' internet feud

Hugh Jackman isn't quite done his and Ryan Reynolds' internet feud

However, those of us who remained faithful to the pair's hilarious Hatfields and McCoys routine shall now be rewarded, as Jackman has recently broken his sacred vow by creating a savage commercial for Reynold's Aviation Gin.

Well, in a turn of events, the two mates have finally called a truce to their war and made a special advert to celebrate the news.

The Deadpool star posted the short video to his Twitter page, with the caption "F for effort".

The latest escapade saw the Vancouver-born actor on the tail end of a holiday prank, courtesy of Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman recently called a truce to their war on social media and even created commercials for each other.

"Yeah, we sure did", Reynolds said.

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Reynolds' ad for Laughing Man is a beautifully produced thing, playing up Jackman's heroic roles in the X-Men universe as well as the company's goal to improve the lives of coffee farmers. Reynolds wants to just roll it and so they do.

Jackman then tells Reynolds he's "not quite ready" to show his ad yet and it still needs editing, but Reynolds says to roll it. It's not quite finished.

The video then pans back to the studio, with a shocked Jackman and a proud Reynolds.

But Reynolds insists, and they do.

Just like the cake from Valve's Portal 2 video game, it would appear that Hugh Jackman's truce with Ryan Reynolds to cease heckling one another is public is also a lie. He then pauses for a bit and looks up at the ceiling and then says "the gin is pretty great though".

"I'll have to try it someday", he adds as he pours a full bottle of gin on the table. When they attempted to prove that they were actually going to support each other from now on, Reynolds played along. He then flicks the bottle cap across the table.

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