Is your cool hashtag-friendly lifestyle leading you to cancer?

Is your cool hashtag-friendly lifestyle leading you to cancer?

Its theme for 2019 is "I am and I will".

The organisation said five million of those cases, which included breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers, could have been detected sooner and treated more effectively.

It is the fourth most deadly cancer for women.

That's according to the Central East Regional Cancer Program, who in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario and Lakeridge Health have developed a program so more health care providers, including nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and midwives will have training to provide Pap tests to women at local health centres.

The number of new invasive cancer cases diagnosed in 2016 among Jewish-Israeli men was dropped in 2016 to 236.8 cases per 100,000 people, compared to 263.5 in 1990.

In Croatia, there are 170,000 people who had cancer at one point in their lives.

He pointed out three major elements heightening the risk of oral cancer - tobacco, alcohol and food habit.

Males or females, both should watch for any unusual changes in their body and energy levels in order to detect any early signs of cancer.

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The difference in cancer type distribution contributes significantly to the difference in mortality rate. In the past, the living conditions in China were poor, and thus the incidence of so-called "cancer of poverty" such as liver cancer, stomach cancer and cervical cancer caused by chronic infection was high.

Blood in the urine or stool can be due to bladder cancer.

Oda Nsabimana, a breast cancer survivor, underscored the importance of early testing.

Under the banner #IAmandIWill, organizers are calling on individuals to do their bit to lessen the impact of the disease, whether that's by donating money, translating campaign materials so information on cancer is more widely accessible, or hosting fundraisers.

Asciak said that more European Union and national funds need to be allocated to activities and long-term campaigns raising awareness for cancer.

"Early diagnosis and proper treatment can cure up to 70 percent of cancer cases". He also highlighted the need for more specialised psychological support for children diagnosed with cancer, their parents as well as staff. "There has been a definite increase in cancer incidence and there are a combination of factors responsible for it". He said that this unit should provide higher quality, more specialised care. In 2015, there were 680,000 new stomach cancer cases and 500,000 deaths, accounting for almost one-third of all cancers in China. In its recently released statistics, World Health Organization claimed that 17 people die every minute from cancer. "Seventy percent of deaths from lung cancers are the result of tobacco use", Kutluk said, pointing out to the risk smoking poses.

So, this World Cancer Day, The Better India chose to take an extra step and spread awareness about cancer, its symptoms, and how it can be overcome.

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