Mars One, company that planned to settle humans on Mars, goes bankrupt

Mars One, company that planned to settle humans on Mars, goes bankrupt

In case you missed the news yesterday: A redditor discovered a Swiss court filing from January in which Mars One was officially declared bankrupt. In 2015, an insider whistleblower claimed the group had no real plan to realize its interplanetary pitch and had vastly exaggerated the number of people who'd actually applied.

'Mars One has a very innovative business model combining branding and media rights with the increasingly popular topic of space exploration, ' chief executive Oscar Christian said at the time. The company promised to take wannabe astronauts to Mars to start the first human settlement on the Red Planet.

The company had recently whittled down its large application list of would-be Martians to 100 names, with plans to reduce it further before starting full-time training. But the vexing question is, just why in the hell would anybody want to salvage Mars One?

He stated that the nonprofit foundation of Mars One, the Netherlands-based Mars One Foundation, was still alive but has no investment to add any value to the company.

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Now, instead of moving toward its goal of launching a Mars mission in 2031, the company "is in administration", according to its website. And then, things went from "dream on" to "oh, no". It also said applicants should have a sense of shared objective and a "capacity for self-reflection".

But going to Mars is a ridiculously complicated multi-billion-dollar affair, and Mars One never really proved it was serious enough to tackle the interplanetary challenge.

"The thought of being afraid or having the fear of the fact that I'm going to die on a different planet doesn't really bother me", she said, "because this is something that will help out humanity for years and years to come".

Mars One planning to send humans to Mars to establish a permanent colony. After all, Mars One itself isn't an engineering firm, and has no operations in building space craft. The news was confirmed by the company's founder, Bas Lansdorp, to Engadget.

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