New Handmaid's Tale trailer: It's a new day in Gilead

New Handmaid's Tale trailer: It's a new day in Gilead

It seems that Offred, formerly known as June, is slipping into the ranks with the Marthas - the section of women who work quietly under the radar in Gilead's highest-ranking homes, performing domestic work like cooking and cleaning.

The trailer is a cool, creepy take on Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" campaign, highlighting women working and babies being born in Gilead.

'It's morning again in America, ' the narrator said. As one of the few remaining fertile women, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is a Handmaid in the Commander's household, one of the caste of women forced into sexual servitude as a last desperate attempt to repopulate the world.

The Hulu adaptation will venture further from the novel in Season 3. "I think June's taken a lot, and I think it's time for her to give back some", Miller told TV Guide on the red carpet of the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. It's bigger than her and Holly and Hannah.

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Super Bowl 2019 has seen a number of different adverts and trailers air during the breaks between games as New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams went head to head.

Marvel Studios has been careful to build up the hype ahead of the concluding chapter's release later this year - and both trailers have only used footage from the first 15 minutes of a film that could run to three hours long.

Season three of the Hulu hit series has no premiere date yet, but it most likely starts streaming in April.

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