Stop Using Internet Explorer Warns Microsoft

Stop Using Internet Explorer Warns Microsoft

But not Internet Explorer.

Microsoft published a blog post titled "The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser". "They're testing on modern browsers", he explained.

As we know that Microsoft sent its web browser to the technology retirement home back in 2015, but four years later, the company's cybersecurity experts are warning the diehard fans that it is truly a time to change over the new web browser.

Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge long ago but users continue to favour Internet Explorer especially when it comes to businesses and government organisations.

However, it struggled in the face of competition, and in May 2012 it was announced that Google's Chrome overtook Internet Explorer as the most used browser worldwide.

Calling Internet Explorer a "compatibility solution", Chris made a revelation about the notorious browser.

Though a number of websites now work on Internet Explorer, new apps will not be integrated into the service, limiting the web applications available.

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The problem with this is that Internet Explorer is not updated with the latest web standards.

While numerous users these days either use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, some firms still depend on Internet Explorer for web apps that have been built using the old infrastructure.

He added that it's generally OK for people to use Internet Explorer in an enterprise environment, but they would better protect themselves if they switch to a newer browser.

"We're not supporting new web standards for it and, while many sites work fine, developers by and large just aren't testing for Internet Explorer these days", Mr Jackson said. Get up to date, get the most out of the web and your business.

The reason why some companies are sticking to Internet Explorer is because it supports legacy web apps.

"If we continued our previous approach, you would end up in a scenario where, by optimizing for the things you have, you end up not being able to use new apps as they come out", he wrote.

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