Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Confirmed by Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Confirmed by Respawn Entertainment

"Looks like everything is unlocked now? Fun".

A free-to-play game set in the Titanfall universe is set to release on Monday, February 4.

The grand reveal's due on the new Apex Legends Twitch channel at 8am PST/ 3PM UK time today, and there's an Apex Legends Twitter account to keep tabs on too.

Despite the lack of information about the game, there are a few details which have leaked over the course of the weekend.

Live streamers and YouTubers traveled to Los Angeles last week to play the new title.

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Are you hyped to play a battle royale game with what we presume will have Titanfall's walljumping, and super fast movement gameplay mechanics?

"It's called Apex Legends and will be out on Monday for PC, Xbox, and PS4". Interestingly, it won't feature Titan mechs, but it'll feature an array of playable characters with unique abilities, ala Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. They chose to use the same engine they used for Titanfall and Titanfall 2, but found that the game looked rather dated.

Breslau also claims to have heard that Apex Legends will support up to 60 players, that it'll use a modified version of Valve's Source engine - as did both Titanfalls - and that we can expect Overwatch-style loot boxes and microtransactions. As more details come out about the game, DualShockers will be sure to share them with you. Apex Legends' developer Respawn Entertainment was acquired by EA back in Fall 2017, and, as teased in a recent earnings call, has more than one game releasing this year.

"Or perhaps the work Respawn had done for Titanfall 3 wound up evolving into this spinoff game".

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