Tom Brady tells 'Father Time' to 'take the L' with Instagram post

Tom Brady tells 'Father Time' to 'take the L' with Instagram post

Taking his coach's words far too literally, Edelman put his razor in the drawer before this past season began and chose to just let it all grow, to the point where his beard expanded past the contours of Edelman's rather compact head to become its own separate entity.

What does all this mean exactly?

After a lackluster Super Bowl this past Sunday, sports media outlets released their final power rankings of 2018-2019 season. It hasn't been done since the Patriots themselves accomplished the feat after the 2003 and 2004 seasons... which should give some perspective on how hard it is to repeat as champs, even for a team as dynastically-dominant as the Patriots have been these past two decades.

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While the Patriots have won all of their championships during the Tom Brady era, building a case for their quarterback as one of the greatest and certainly most game-changing players ever to take the position, the Steelers did more or less the same thing when they won four of their titles during a six-year span in the '70s.

Five days after winning the Super Bowl for the sixth time, the New England Patriots continued their media tour.

Now, it is only natural that New England Patriots nation would expect yet another trip to the big game, I'm sure some people have already made arraignments in Miami a full year in advance. While still dominant, it hardly feels like a foregone conclusion that teams led by Ben Roethlisberger (age 36) and Tom Brady (41) will cruise undaunted through the punishing National Football League schedule. Obviously a lot will change between now and early September when the season finally gets underway - we still have free agency, the draft, training camps, and preseason before then - but it's worth taking a preliminary look at next year's opponents and scouting which teams might be more hard than others.

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