United States prison inmates help rescue baby girl accidentally trapped in SUV

United States prison inmates help rescue baby girl accidentally trapped in SUV

A group of work-release inmates in Florida helped rescue a 1-year-old baby accidentally locked in a vehicle.

A group of inmates in Pasco County, Fla., came to the rescue of a dad who accidentally locked his 1-year-old daughter in their truck on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019. The parents contacted the police, but they were also having trouble getting into the auto.

"Only when the deputies are around we give permission, [asking], 'Can you break into that car?'" Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told the station, describing the inmates as low-level offenders. After a couple minutes, the door opens, triggering the auto alarm and cries from both mom and baby.

Armed with a coat hanger, the "low-risk" inmates were able to unlock the SUV in a dramatic rescue that was captured on video and posted to Facebook by the child's mother, Shadow Lantry. Police made sure that the toddler's father kept his head in the window the entire time, so that his daughter wouldn't panic when she saw unusual faces peering in at her.

"Them prisoners bust that s*** right open, so thank god for the criminals in the world", Lantry said during the video.

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But that warning turned out to be unnecessary.

The inmates worked with officers to pry open the auto.

"He puts her in the vehicle seat and straps her in".

The footage, recorded by the baby's mother Shadow Lantry, shows a group of inmates forcing open a front door before another uses a coat hanger to push the open electric lock.

Joe Lantry had just shut the door to his bulky family auto when he realised he had left his keys inside the now locked vehicle, along with his one-year-old daughter Dallas. She said that the baby had only been inside the auto "for maybe five minutes" before officers and inmates opened the door.

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