Vegan parents accused of almost starving baby to death in the US

Vegan parents accused of almost starving baby to death in the US

Authorities were contacted by Florida's Department of Children and Families this past Wednesday after it appeared the baby was malnourished. Lauren Watson of the Titusville Police Department.

Julia French and Robert Buskey is accused of nearly starving their baby to death because they fed the five-month-old a vegan recipe from the internet, instead of approved formula.

Julia French, 20, and Robert Buskey, 31, allegedly nearly starved their five-month-old son to death after switching out his doctor-prescribed formula for an internet concoction made of mashed potatoes.

The baby reportedly only gained one pound in the five months after being born, which is extremely abnormal.

"At one point, when the child was doing good and healthy, and gaining weight, he was on organic formula (but) they changed it on their own".

His ribs were visible, his eyes sunken and the priority was getting the child medical attention.

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The couple told the police that they fed the couple a French compound they found on the internet, which matched up with their vegan lifestyle but the doctors recommended them another type of formula to be fed to the baby.

This baby's father seemed to question the accuracy of the child's medical reports.

And while the parents knew their child wasn't thriving, they failed to do anything to help improve the situation, cops say.

He'd reportedly been "lethargic and not crying", according to court papers, and "had difficulties maintaining his temperature and sugar due to dehydration and malnourishment".

Police said the parents could afford the prescribed formula and did not give a reason as to why they did not provide it to their child.

They are both now being held in Brevard County Jail.

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