Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Apple

Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Apple

Warren's plan would prohibit companies that make more than $25 billion a year through an online marketplace from also owning participants on the platform.

Warren said the large tech giants had used mergers to "limit competition", citing examples such as Facebook's acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp; Amazon using its market power to "force" smaller competitors, such as Diapers.com, to sell to the company; and Google buying mapping company Waze and advertising company DoubleClick.

Warren, who is seeking to stand out in a Democratic field crowded with progressives vying to take on U.S. President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election, said in a blog post that on their way to the top, the companies purchased potential competitors, like Facebook's acquisition of Instagram. She says they've "bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else".

Warren announced her proposal to break up "big tech" ahead of a campaign organizing event in Long Island City, New York.

The Democratic senator from MA, who's seeking the Democratic nomination for president, laid out her proposal in a Medium post entitled "Here's How We Can Break Up Big Tech". "Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other pro-Amazon politicians need to see the danger of sublimating all facets of our daily lives into a single all-encompassing company, which is clearly Amazon's business model". Warren will also call for legislation that would block platforms from both offering a marketplace for commerce and participating in that marketplace.

"The federal government sued Microsoft for violating anti-monopoly laws and eventually reached a settlement", she writes.

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Public Knowledge, a tech policy group, called Warren's plan a step toward protecting the next generation of businesses but stopped short of a full-throated support for breaking up the tech giants.

The antitrust case against Microsoft "helped clear a path for Internet companies like Google and Facebook to emerge", Warren wrote. Google couldn't smother competitors by demoting their products on Google Search.

"Aren't we all glad that now we have the option of using Google instead of being stuck with Bing?"

The result, Warren highlighted, is stifled competition in the tech industry and increased privacy risks to users. "And I want to make sure that the next generation of great American tech companies can flourish", she continued.

"You'll still be able to go on Google and search like you do today", she explains.

Meanwhile, Warren wants to reverse "illegal and anti-competitive tech mergers" via appointed regulators. In the post, Warren argued that it's essential to crack down on the unfair market advantage enjoyed by Amazon, Facebook, and Google in order to boost competition and fuel innovation.

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