Facebook says it’s resolved outage issues and denies attack

Facebook says it’s resolved outage issues and denies attack

Their outage map for Facebook showed a surge in reports in the Northeast from Washington, D.C. through NY, though a cursory search of the Twitter free-for-all on the topic indicates the reach is well beyond the greater metropolitan areas.

A spokesman for the social network said the company was cooperating with investigators in multiple federal probes, without addressing the grand jury inquiry specifically.

Facebook Inc said on Thursday it had restored service to its main app and Instagram, after the world's largest social network suffered a major outage that frustrated users across the globe for about 24 hours.

In Washington, campaigners who have long called for the break-up of Facebook said the outage showed how the concentration of ownership of tech platforms is "dangerous" for consumers. "We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can".

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Facebook also said that the crash was not due to a DDoS attack - in which hackers overwhelm a website's servers with fake traffic and cause it to crash.

People went on Twitter to vent their frustration about the problems. The platform experienced one of its greatest outage in history Wednesday when users on the east and west coast and the southeast, as well as Europe, reported issues with uploading photos or posts or the inability to log into the site at all. Twitter even made the subject into a Twitter Moment.

"Yesterday, a server configuration issue made it hard for people to access our apps and services". Facebook said the issue had been resolved and that it's systems were recovering. Users in Asia were having problems on Thursday morning. Beyond Instagram's tweet, Facebook has provided no further updates in the hours since then.

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