James Dolan: I'm Not Selling Knicks, I'm Not Quitting

James Dolan: I'm Not Selling Knicks, I'm Not Quitting

The fan yelled "sell the team!" at Dolan as the owner of the New York Knicks was entering the tunnel to exit the main bowl of the arena. He stopped just short of declaring that stars were on their way to NY and the playoffs were a certainty next season.

New York Knicks owner James Dolan on Tuesday addressed his Saturday confrontation with a fan, calling it an "ambush", and revealing that the heckling spectator has been banned from Madison Square Garden. We have video which shows them moving from one side of the arena to the other and pointing at me, where I was walking, to set this ambush up and they did. "They were stalking me". No, you can't do that in Madison Square Garden. "You want to not come to any more games?"

"There are certain journalists that, you know, actually wish ill will toward the team", Dolan said in defense of his decision. However, he said, that changed when it "became clear that the whole thing was planned". You hear all kinds of stuff, but what is a problem is when someone becomes confrontational.

James Dolan seems confident NY will land elite talent this summer.

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Wagner issued a response shortly after Dolan's comments.

Dolan, though, claimed that he had initially planned to invite the fan back to the Garden and give him a VIP, behind-the-scenes experience. "We can't respond because of the National Basketball Association rules, etc., but that doesn't stop them from telling us, and they do".

Dolan added, "I am not selling the team", shutting down reports he is looking into possible deals. "We are definitely going to pay them, and we think that with them and the kids we have today, we can build a winning team".

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