MLB, MLBPA Agree To Single Trade Deadline, Changes To Roster Size

MLB, MLBPA Agree To Single Trade Deadline, Changes To Roster Size

Changes set to take place in 2020 include a three-batter minimum for pitchers; expanded rosters to 26 players; and a decreased September roster to 28 players. In the case of mound visits, which were capped for the first time past year at six, this will continue to force decisions about the wisdom of early-game trips to the mound. More importantly, it will afford MLB's top stars an opportunity to market themselves and let fans in on their personalities.

- The trade deadline is now July 31 - period. This year will also see a change in voting for the All-Star Game. Starters for the Midsummer Classic will be chosen in a one-day "Election Day" by fans who will choose among three finalists at each position.

Major League Baseball and the Players Union are set to announces those changes as well as using a three-batter minimum for pitchers and new roster expansion set for the 2020 season, according to the report.

Joint Committee: MLB and the MLBPA will form a joint committee to study other potential changes.

It will culminate in an All-Star week that includes a Home Run Derby with $2.5 million in prize money, including $1 million for the victor.

Extra innings in the All-Star Game will begin with a runner on second, perhaps a step toward introducing that for future regular seasons.

Major League Baseball is hoping a single deadline will help incentivize teams to be more aggressive in the offseason knowing that trades in August are no longer an option.

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Major League Baseball is hoping to bring more of its top talent into the annual Home Run Derby by raising the stakes.

The active roster limit from Opening Day through August 31st and in Postseason games will increase from 25 to 26, and the minimum number of active players will increase from 24 to 25.

Elimination of 40-man active roster limit in September.

Spurred by labor relations discord amid a second consecutive free-agent market that has left players disappointed, the mid-collective-bargaining-agreement negotiations represent a step forward between two sides that had squabbled privately and publicly. Teams will be allowed to carry 27 players during a doubleheader.

The biggest change, however, is that all pitchers will be required to face at least three batters, with the goal of eliminating the excessive use of relief specialists.

The number of pitchers a Club may carry on the active roster will be capped at a number determined by the joint committee. The 2020 season will then bring a new roster structure created to give more players a chance to shine, while lessening wear and tear on others.

Teams must designate before each game whether a player will be used as a pitcher or position player before each game. The Players Association has agreed that it will not grieve or otherwise challenge the Office of the Commissioner's implementation of the amended Rule 5.10 (g). The injured list, previously known as the disabled list, will go back to having a minimum time of 15 days. It's the provision that the sides will begin discussing labor issues imminently, far earlier than they typically would with a CBA that doesn't expire until December 2021.

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