Nintendo Labo VR Kit Launching this Spring

Nintendo Labo VR Kit Launching this Spring

The kit of very fancy cardboard (as well as the Labo software) will be available April 12.

Nintendo has announced a VR Kit for Nintendo Labo, which is bringing the virtual reality for the first time ever on the Switch.

While sticking your head inside a pair of VR goggles isn't exactly a social event, Nintendo suggests a more social gathering might be the optimal way to experience the kit. If you buy the cheaper package, you can also buy the camera and elephant as one expansion or the bird and wind pedal in another.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit encourages passing around Toy-Con creations among a group of people so everyone in the room can easily join in on the fun.

Nintendo is once again trying its hand at virtual reality, this time with its Switch console and Labo construction platform. You can pre-order and find out more on the Nintendo Labo Website. Owners of the latter can pick up the two VR Kit expansions for $20 each.

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The Labo VR Kit isn't yet available for pre-order, but check back at the Nintendo Online Store for updates. Durprisingly the cost of the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit - Starter Set + Blaster plus the two expansion kits adds up to less than the main Toy-Con 04 VR kit.

Not much else has come out about the kit, which means we don't have an idea of the price for this specific set or any videos of what we can expect.

This year's Mario Day is coming up soon and Nintendo has plans to offer some of the franchise's newest games, as well as Switch bundles containing those games, at reduced prices. Nintendo's last foray into VR was the ill-fated Virtual Boy circa 1995. With development led by Gunpei Yokoi, the chief designer of both the Game Boy and Nintendo's Game & Watch series, it looked odd for sure, but also like something special.

You can check out the available kits in the gallery below.

For those looking to dive right in, the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit includes everything from the Starter Set and both Expansion Sets for $79.99.

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