Octopath Traveler is Getting a Prequel on Mobile Devices

Octopath Traveler is Getting a Prequel on Mobile Devices

It's often been said that Square Enix's Nintendo Switch JRPG, Octopath Traveler, is a pretty successful title.

Announced earlier today by Square Enix, Octopath Traveler "Champion of the Octopus Traveler" is now in development.

Conquerors of the Continent is expected to launch for iOS and Android in Japan in 2019 and is free-to-play. Octopath Traveler had some of the most boring dungeons designs I've ever seen, a huge discrepancy in the quality of the eight stories and a barebones endgame among many other problems.

For more on the mobile game check out the trailer below, but bear in mind that it's Japanese. The battles will let you command eight characters in a party, using swipe controls suitable for mobile devices, and you can choose between three champions for the story. A trial demo of the this new game is set to become available in Japan on March 12, though a full release date beyond 2019 has yet to be revealed and it is now unknown if this game will make its way out of Japan to other territories. There will still be proper end points for all eight characters, and the added content will serve as a bonus to keep people interested.

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Its full title is Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent according to Forbes, and all characters from the original will return alongside new characters. This upcoming throwback RPG will also be a free-to-play title rather than a premium purchase.

The first game shipped worldwide in July 2018.

Although a port would have been entirely sensible, Square Enix has elected to mix things up instead. Square Enix has seen the game's incredible success and chose to invest into 2 more projects, one a free-to-play and one a console game.

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