Rockets fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv, explosions heard: Israeli military, witnesses

Rockets fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv, explosions heard: Israeli military, witnesses

At least two rockets were fired towards Tel Aviv, Israel from Gaza Thursday evening; prompting authorities to sound the nationwide warning sirens for the first time since 2014.

Two sirens blared as loud explosions boomed in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Despite the apparent activation of Israel's Iron Dome air defence system, the military said no rockets were shot down nor landed in any built-up areas.

Israel's Channel 10 news, citing anonymous military officials, said the rockets were Iranian-made Fajr rockets. Israeli media said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was convening senior military and security officers to evaluate the situation.

Gaza is controlled by Hamas, an Islamic militant group that seeks Israel's destruction. "It is responsible for what happens within the Strip and what emanates from it".

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There was no immediate claim of responsibility in the enclave, where its dominant Hamas group has been engaged in talks with Egypt on a long-term ceasefire with Israel. Bomb shelters were opened across the city in response to the attack.

"I suggest to Hamas, don't count on it", he told his Cabinet. "The time has come to defeat Hamas once and for all", he said.

Tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians near the fence separating Gaza from Israel have been mounting since last March, which marked the beginning of the Great March of Return.

Around 200 Palestinians have been killed in the demonstrations and about 60 other Palestinians have died in other incidents, including exchanges of fire across the border.

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