Samantha Bee calls out Democrats for throwing Ilhan Omar under the bus

Samantha Bee calls out Democrats for throwing Ilhan Omar under the bus

Minnesota Democrats who are angry and offended at Rep. Ilhan Omar for her string of comments about Jews and Israel are reportedly considering squelching her next nomination and running a different candidate in her place.

"In a conversation on Facebook, I used some language that I see now was insensitive. Issues of allegiance and loyalty to one's country come with painful history", Belén Sisa, Sanders's national deputy press secretary, told Politico in response to posting the question in a Facebook thread.

It's typcally hard to replace an incumbent politician, even one as arguably polarizing as Omar, who in her first two months as a congresswoman has sparked contentious debates both as a country and within the party.

Ilhan Omar is supposed to be in a fairly safe district having secured around 75% of the vote in her last go-round, but if some Minnesota Democrats have their way, she may be facing a significant primary challenge.

Omar has been under fire over recent comments suggesting Jewish organizations pay United States politicians to support Israel, which many viewed as anti-Semitic.

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"There's definitely some buzz going around about it, but it's more a buzz of is anyone talking about finding someone to run against her than it is anyone saying they're going to run against her or contemplate it", Democratic state Sen. She suggested pro-Israel lawmakers have dual loyalties and that they pledged their "allegiance to a foreign country".

Last week, the House of Representatives passed an anti-hate resolution sparked in large part by Omar's recent suggestions that Israel supporters want US lawmakers to pledge "allegiance" to the Jewish state - which was widely condemned as echoing the age-old "dual loyalties" smear against Jewish politicians.

So appalled, in fact, that they are seeking a primary challenger to boot Omar from Congress.

Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren also posed similar concerns, with Harris expressing her worry "that the spotlight being put on (Omar) may put her at risk".

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