Steam Link Anywhere beta drops Steam Link's local-wifi-only restriction

Steam Link Anywhere beta drops Steam Link's local-wifi-only restriction

Now, Valve is improving the Steam Link concept significantly with "Steam Link Anywhere", a program that will let you access your Steam titles from a wider variety of devices.

According to the announcement, Steam Link Anywhere is now in early beta and accessible to anyone with beta firmware, or using the Android Steam Link beta app or Raspberry Pi Steam Link app.

Steam Networking Sockets APIs isn't as flashy (and that "flash" is definitely relative) but is aimed squarely at developers, and could be even more significant to Steam's fortunes given the pressure it's facing from the Epic Games Store: It enables developers to run their game traffic through Valve's own private gaming network, providing players "faster and more secure connections".

Steam Link Anywhere was announced ahead of Valve's GDC 2019 talk.

Game streaming is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

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While Microsoft and Google are getting ready to duke it out over their cloud gaming services, Valve still has a foot in the market.

The update is set to hit Steam Link hardware and apps today, though it'll require users to opt into a beta build dated March 13 or later. Obviously, you'll need a good connection on both devices to make it worthwhile. The new feature gives users the ability to stream their entire Steam game library anywhere.

What Valve is doing with Steam Link Anywhere mirrors a lot of what's happening elsewhere in the industry.

Click below to grab the Steam Link app for your Android device. Valve explain the system here, and among the perks for developers are anonymized network traffic (protecting servers and clients from DDOS attacks) and potentially lower pings through Valve's networks.

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