Tesla Model Y: 'Coupe' crossover teased one last time

Tesla Model Y: 'Coupe' crossover teased one last time

Here's where to watch Tesla's live announcement: the live stream will be available on Tesla's website, either directly on the main page, or through the Events & Presentations section on the Investor Relations page. Tesla has not announced when or if it will be taking deposits on pre-orders, as it has for past vehicles.

Based on the Model 3 platform, the Model Y is a cheaper, scaled-down version of the Tesla Model X SUV. If it wasn't for that legal threat, Tesla's lineup would have included the Model S, Model E, Model X and Model Y - i.e., SEXY. So despite Elon tweeting the Model Y would have them, yeah, no. Even with the reduced range, Tesla is predicting demand to be perhaps 50 percent higher for the Model Y than the Model 3 owing to the former's crossover body style.

Let's take a look at the few specs available so far.

Musk also said the Model Y will be powered by the same battery as the Model 3.

With a an undisclosed range and starting price of the $39,000, the Model Y buts up against offerings from Kia and Hyundai.


The Tesla Model Y is here, and it is everything that we wanted it to be, plus a little bit more. According to statements made by Tesla, the crossover EV will share roughly 75 percent parts commonality with the Model 3. Compact SUVs are the largest vehicle segment and is 50 percent larger than the next-largest segment.

Still, the company expects the Model Y to do well.

Tesla's targeted volume production date of late 2020 would put it behind electric SUV offerings from Volkswagen AG's Audi, Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Its shares fell more than 5 per cent on the day news of its imports being suspended first broke and rose 3 per cent later after it said the issue had been resolved. This should make production more efficient for Tesla and help keep costs down.

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