Windows 10 Will Now Automatically Uninstall Buggy Windows Updates

Windows 10 Will Now Automatically Uninstall Buggy Windows Updates

Microsoft's convoluted update program is infamous for botched implementations, and its massive user base has grown tired of every little automatically installed patch.

In a recently published support document, Microsoft explains that Windows may attempt to roll back recently downloaded updates in the event of startup failure. It looks like Microsoft has also taken note of the issue and has added a safety measure for the same.

But the company said in its support article that Windows 10 specifically removes updates that caused startup failures.

As reported by Hexus, Microsoft is working on a fix for this issue, but suggests that anyone impacted too negatively by the update to uninstall it for now while a patch is developed.

Microsoft has quietly updated a support document to let us know that Windows 10 will have a crack at uninstalling borked updates - just in time for patch Tuesday.

Android screen mirroring on Windows 10

Windows Latest spotted the change despite Microsoft oddly blocking search engines from indexing the page.

This new feature is welcome, as the general advice for people who are experiencing problems after installing an update is to uninstall the update to see if that fixes things.

So, you've spent your life savings on a mammoth rig; everything runs butter-smooth; and bam, you're hit with a crippling Windows 10 update that brings your gaming performance to a crawl.

Microsoft does allow users to manually install updates if they think that the rollback was a mistake or if Microsoft fixes the issue before the 30 day period is over. Many Windows 10 users will have experienced startup problems after installing an update to the operating system, and this is something that Microsoft is looking to address. After 30 days, Windows will again try to install the updates.

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