Brexit WARNING: May could delay Brexit until 2020 - 'Cap in hand!'

Brexit WARNING: May could delay Brexit until 2020 - 'Cap in hand!'

Mr Macron, who is under pressure at home, went into the meeting on Wednesday insisting that "nothing is decided" and urging the EU's 27 leaders to agree to only a short delay.

We need to resolve this. "Nothing is more pressing or more vital". The British political class now has more room to breathe but making a decision still won't be easy.

Two weeks before Britain was due to depart the European Union, its own leaders spent a dinner meeting wrangling over whether to rescue Britain from a precipitous and potentially calamitous Brexit, or to provide the foot-dragging departing nation a shove over the border. She must resign, call a general election or hold a second referendum.

'Our intention is to finalise the whole process in October. but I am too old to exclude another scenario, ' he said.

The British Parliament has repeatedly rejected a withdrawal deal negotiated with the European Union, leading to the deadlock over Britain's long-awaited departure.

The bloc had already granted Britain a delay once from the original March 29 deadline.

Leaders ultimately coalesced around October 31 - Halloween - as the latest Brexit deadline, averting a potentially disruptive no-deal British departure that would have happened Friday if no extension had been agreed.

German lawmakers were addressed by merkel on Wednesday before European Union leaders meet in Brussels to decide whether to grant Britain's petition for a delay past the Friday night job that was existing.

European Council President Donald Tusk affirmed in a tweet an extension was agreed to, however he did not disclose the date.

Like many things Brexit-related, the extension was a messy compromise that left many unsatisfied.

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The six-month extension to October 31 was a compromise thrashed out by European Union leaders after French President Emmanuel Macron dug in against a longer delay lasting into 2020.

"Vitally, the EU has agreed that the extension can be terminated when the Withdrawal Agreement has been ratified - which was my key request of my fellow leaders", May said in a statement in the early hours of Thursday at the end of a European Council summit. The two sides said Thursday they would resume their talks. Labour favors a Brexit that is milder compared to the government has suggested, and wants to keep a relationship with the bloc. The party also fears any promises made by May could be undone by her successor, who is likely to come from the staunchly pro-Brexit wing of the Conservative Party.

"Unity doesn't mean we are all on the same identical position, but it means we are always able to find a compromise", Tusk said after the meeting.

The groups state that if they recognize attempts have been made to address the chaos a no-deal scenario would lead to,"it must be evident that neither the EU nor the United Kingdom are ready, and as a effect European business is also not adequately prepared, to get this particular cliff edge scenario". The Confederation of British Industry said it meant an "imminent economic crisis" had been averted for now.

More delays are on the cards, depending on developments in Britain, according to European Union officials and diplomats.

Support is growing for the idea that any Brexit deal agreed by Parliament should be put to the public in a "confirmatory referendum", with the other option being to stay in the EU. But lawmakers have done that before - and ended up rejecting everything on offer.

"We anticipate finally to have substantial actions in the ideal direction - thus far absolutely nothing has changed", Roth stated.

Earlier, May had said that she would step down from her post if she managed to pass her beleaguered deal in the British Parliament.

"Whatever the choice of the British people & Parliament, I hope the #Brexit nightmare ends well before Halloween", he wrote.

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