Burger King drops 'racist' ad after backlash

Burger King drops 'racist' ad after backlash

Advertising the chain's new Vietnamese Sweet Chilli Tendercrisp burgers, Burger King posted a video of people awkwardly trying to eat their new burger with chopsticks. The ad comes not too long after D&G also found itself in hot water for release ads showing an Asian woman using chopsticks to enjoy Italian food such as pizzas.

People quickly started tagging the Burger King creative team and demanding they address the racially insensitive ad. While the fast food chain has failed to gain traction in Vietnam, regionally is very popular, as the biggest USA food chain in Malaysia and the second biggest in Thailand and Indonesia.

But even the burger missed a mark, Mo said, because sweet chilli sauce is more common in Thai cuisine than Vietnamese.

The ad gained attention after Maria Mo, a New Zealander of Korean descent, mocked Burger King in a viral Twitter thread, writing that "chopsticks r hilarious" and that "Orientalism is harmless funnnn".

Mo told HuffPost she chose to post the video because she was shocked to see it in the first place.

"I can see why it is causing quite an outcry on social media", she said.

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She added: "While the controversies themselves may come and go, they not only leave a bad taste in the mouth, they leave consumers starting to question whether these adverts are deliberately racist".

James Woodbridge, Burger King NZ's Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement to the New Zealand Herald that the ad has since been removed.

The Instagram campaign was immediately called-out on social media - namely by people of Asian descent - as "racist", "clumsy", "primitive" and "stupid".

Chinese media outlets compared the video to one issued by Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana a year ago, which featured a Chinese model struggling to eat pizza and spaghetti with chopsticks. It is hard to believe that Burger King has now made the same mistake.

"We are truly sorry that the ad has appeared insensitive to our community", he said.

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