Early Samsung Galaxy S10 5G units face connectivity issues

Early Samsung Galaxy S10 5G units face connectivity issues

After waiting for over two months, Samsung finally launched Galaxy S10 5G last week in South Korea. We had already known that the phone would officially debut on April 26th, but Samsung will be allowing early adopters willing to cough up the almost $2,000 MSRP to reserve one tomorrow, April 12th.

Early adopters are reporting lower than expected speeds, limited coverage, and trouble in switching between LTE and 5G.

"It is normal that smartphones switch between 5G and 4G naturally so that users cannot notice it, just as they do not feel any delay and buffering phenomena when switching between 3G and 4G", reports Business Korea. Samsung tried to fix the problem by issuing a software update to the new devices on April 6 but it was unable to solve the network connectivity issues. Since S10 5G has separate 5G and LTE antennas that are supposed to maintain separate network connections and deliver 2.7Gbps speeds seamlessly. Samsung and other three telecom operators - SK Telecom, LG Uplus, and KT are running from their responsibilities, showing their inability to find where the problem lies.

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At the same time, an industry expert says that irrespective of claims, the fact is that 5G network is not fully optimized yet which is why the signals relayed between the base stations are not smooth. SK Telecom and LG Uplus noticed that the complaints have gone down after updating their base stations.

Samsung has finally published the United States prices for the Galaxy S10 repairs, revealing how much it costs to replace a shattered front screen or back panel on the company's latest flagship.

Samsung charges customers $269 to replace a broken front screen, while in the case of the smaller Galaxy S10, the price drops to $249. Are you planning to get one?

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