Engined C8 Corvette Will Debut July 18

Engined C8 Corvette Will Debut July 18

The automaker also confirmed that the C8 Corvette's reveal will happen on July 18, 2019, meaning the past six decades of front-engined Corvettes will come to an end in a matter of months, unless of course Chevy expands the C8 Corvette range with a front-engined model.

We've seen countless spy photos of mid-engined prototypes and heard plenty of rumours regarding what form the new auto will take, and from the attached images of the camouflaged vehicle, we can see the new Corvette will indeed be mid-engined. Every dollar from the sale will go to the Foundation.

Chevrolet has finally confirmed that a successor to its Corvette will arrive later this year.

While spy photos showing the C8's low-slung silhouette and vastly different proportions have circulated on the internet for years now, what you're looking at is the first real photo of the vehicle that Chevrolet has supplied-and the first time the company has even acknowledged the existence of what might be the auto industry's worst-kept secret.

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Mary Barra shows off Chevy's secretive, new Corvette in NY on Thursday. As far as we know there's no significance around that date. According to vehicle and Driver, the first Corvette model to debut will be the "base" C8 Stingray, powered by a revised version of the current model's 6.2-litre V8. The engine will use a version of the existing pushrod 6.2-liter V8 making around 500 horsepower. The engine will also be renamed LT2 to reflect its new location in the vehicle.

We hear Chevrolet will hold the line on pricing for the 2020 Corvette, despite its monumental philosophical shift and abundance of new technology.

You won't be able to order the very last example, though.

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