Equal pay day: Exploring Michigan's wage gap

Equal pay day: Exploring Michigan's wage gap

The difference in average pay between men and women at the council is well below the national average of 18.1 per cent.

The data shows the difference between average hourly male and female pay.

Conversely, those whose pay gap veers in favour of men are: Grant & Stone 12.8%, Travis Perkins plc EH Smith 10.7%, JT Atkinson 9%, Nicholls & Clarke 5.4%, Ridgeons 4.6%, Bradford Building Supplies 3%, Wolseley UK 1.8%, RGB 1.3% and Crossling 0.3%.

The Equal Pay Act was signed by President John F. Kennedy more than half a century ago, yet today, women in MI earn.78 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Employers must pay all employees the same salaries for similar work, but the wage gap looks at the overall picture of money earned in a year, not specific workplaces.

"I believe firms which can report a low or non-existent pay gap will be at an advantage in recruiting future employees and I hope mandatory reporting will incentivise employers to take measures to address the issue insofar as they can".

Marie Stopes International is the charity with the largest pay gap, with a mean gap of 44.7% in favour of men.

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"The aim of this Bill is to provide transparency on the gender pay gap", the minister said.

A spokesperson said: "During 2018, we commissioned an external independent adviser to look at our gender pay gap".

He said: "At the moment, we just can't seem to get young women to see oil and gas as a place to begin their career".

"Guide Dogs has an nearly 80 per cent female workforce, of which a higher proportion of women are found in more junior roles". It said: "We have updated our training for line managers, introducing training modules on unconscious bias to ensure our interview skills training is values-based". This marks the second year that information on gender pay gaps has been available.

The mean and median gap in hourly pay of part-time male and female employees. Additionally, a January 2019 report by The Zebra revealed that women pay more for auto insurance than men in more than half of the United States, including MI, where women paid 79 dollars more per year than men in 2018. Today, those factors have faded away; women obtain more graduate degrees than men and women's participation in the workforce has skyrocketed in recent decades. Financial figures would never be given without any explanation for them, and gender pay gap reporting should be no different.

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