Facebook Messenger app unlocks dark mode for everyone

Facebook Messenger app unlocks dark mode for everyone

2019 is already the year of a lot of things, the year of 5G, the year of foldable smartphones, and perhaps we can also say that it's the year of Dark Mode. The only way to enable dark mode in Messenger was to send a crescent moon emoji in any chat, an Easter Egg activation available on both Android and iOS platforms. This includes a system-wide Dark mode, multitasking improvements on the iPad, an improved Mail app, and more. Each one will contain sheets that are initially attached to one portion of the screen, but can be detached with a drag gesture, then becoming a card that can be moved around at will. This mode can be enabled via settings of the gadgets and users can actually choose which contrast works best. On iPad (at least), you might be able to undo and redo actions by sliding three fingers left or right on the keyboard area.

Also on the agenda for iOS 13: new multitasking features for iPad, an improved Mail app, and a new "undo" gesture. This function could be incorporated via customs control so app developers can apply the interaction to their own functions. "Hey Siri" detection will also improve along with multilingual support for the keyboard. And when a user opens a document that uses a font that's not in the system, a notification will be given which can easily remedy the situation and alert users of missing fonts. The app will automatically categorize emails, and users will be able to mark emails with a "read later" tag.

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Generally, the iOS 13 update seems to be geared towards various productivity functions and is focusing on new gestures. Apple will also provide developers with an API so that they can hook into this gesture. Still, it's an intriguing look as to what Apple might be unveiling on June 3rd. Image from Apple highlights the new iPad Air and iPad Mini along with current available models of iPad in stores.

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