Family's plea for New Zealand nurse held by Isis

Family's plea for New Zealand nurse held by Isis

However, it is still unknown where she is.

"The past five and a half years have been an extremely hard time for the families of our three abducted colleagues".

The three staff members were travelling in a Red Cross convoy that was delivering supplies to medical facilities in the northwestern province of Idlib in Syria, when armed men stopped their vehicles on October 13, 2013. Islamic State had previously warned she would be executed if details of her capture were made public.

In a statement, the ICRC said that as recently as December, Akavi may have been seen by at least two people at a clinic in Sousa, one of the Islamic State group's last outposts. This non-combat team was specifically focused on locating Louisa and identifying opportunities to recover her.

NZ Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said a military team failed to find any sign of the missing nurse.

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday lamented that Akavi had been publicly identified, because of the risk.

He said the Government's acknowledgement of the ICRC's intentions could have been misinterpreted as support, but Stillhart's comments were inaccurate and "somewhat frustrating".

It reported that the IS asked for a ransom, but both the New Zealand government and the ICRC have a policy of not paying for hostages.

"We miss Louisa very much".

"The government is very grateful for the cooperation of media outlets over many years in respecting this advice and undertaking not to publish. and we thank them for their principled approach".

She is the longest-held captive in the history of the ICRC, and Mr Stillhart called her "a true and compassionate humanitarian". Alaa and Nabil were committed colleagues and an integral part of our aid deliveries.

"We are thus calling on anybody who has information on Louisa, Alaa and Nabil to urgently step forward and share this information with us." . "If our colleagues are still being held, we call for their immediate and unconditional release".

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She has worked with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement for more than 30 years and this was her 17th field mission.

"We think about her every day and hope she feels that and finds strength in that", said a video statement issued by family spokesman Tuaine Robati.

Since the last patch of ISIS resistance in Syria was wiped out last month, the Red Cross has launched an appeal to trace them over fears they may have been executed.

During the years that Ms Akavi has been held by ISIS, the Red Cross has continued to try to win her freedom.

He said there were Red Cross people on the ground in Syria and Iraq looking for information about Akavi, and he strongly believed she was still alive.

The organization has 98 foreign workers and 580 Syrians working in the country.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights accuses IS of abducting thousands of people since 2014.

USA -backed forces announced the capture of Islamic State's last territory in Syria in March, eliminating its rule over a caliphate which it had proclaimed in Iraq and Syria in 2014. "With Islamic State group (ISg) having lost the last of its territory, we felt it was now time to speak out".

"The territorial caliphate has been eliminated in Syria", spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

Mueller was sold to ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and endured rape and torture at the hands of her captor until she was killed in an air strike in 2015.

United States and Iraqi forces continue to hunt him down in the vast desert regions in Iraq's western and southern borders.

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