Google Cloud launches new Anthos open platform

Google Cloud launches new Anthos open platform

It introduces retailers to a fundamentally different solution that replaces manual processes with an intelligent, AI-driven workflow and the industry's first fully performance-based pricing model.

On a mission to help people shift to the cloud by using the best infrastructure, Google has also upgraded its technology in the past year.

Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has partnered with Google Cloud to build industry-specific cloud solutions that will help organizations accelerate their digital transformation and leverage data-driven insights that power superior customer experiences.

The idea behind Anthos is to give potential customers who are loathe to modify older applications to run on cloud servers a way to move those applications to Google's cloud without having to modify their code. Most importantly, it allows users with a service-centric view of their infrastructure, wherein users will spend less time managing applications and get greater awareness, consistency, and control.

Kurian added that Google has no backdoor access to customer data in regard to security and privacy matters.

"Google invests an enormous amount of money and technological skills in building the most sophisticated data center in the world", Kurian said on Tuesday.

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Under the aegis of Greene, the Google Cloud division had aggressively expanded its portfolio of enterprise cloud services in an attempt to lock in customers such as Home Depot and Target, yet Google's cloud division remains a small player. The company is fine-tuning vision analytics to create algorithms that understand what's in an image, which is translated into services like Vision Product Search. Customers can take photos and screenshots from their phone of products they like, and the mobile experience will provide real-time results of similar or complementary items from the retailer's product catalog. It continually learns and adapts to the person searching and their behavior on the site.

Tableau: Tableau is working with retailers to help them collect, transform, analyze, and visualize retail data across marketing, merchandising, supply chain, voice of the customer, and store operations.

Contact Center AI, and AutoML Tables, both in beta, are two other significant products. "The next level of innovation for Google is to make data programmable".

Pitney Bowes used AutoML Tables to identify risky cross-border payments and shipments.

Accenture, Bluecore, Capgemini, Deloitte, LumApps, Publicic Sapient, SAP, Sensormatic, Tableau, Trax, and Tulip Retail all support Google's offering. There are other development and migration partners such as Rackspace.

Anthos allows users to run applications, unmodified, on existing on-premise hardware or on the public cloud, and is based on the Cloud Services Platform that Google announced previous year.

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