Google’s Wing kicks off first drone delivery service in Australia

Google’s Wing kicks off first drone delivery service in Australia

However, the service must follow a series of conditions for use: Wing will be able to operate the drones during a specific timetable (not before 7am) and the drones will not be allowed to fly over main roads and will have to keep a minimum distance with pedestrians.

Australia's aviation authority gave Wing permission to launch a commercial service after examining its safety record and operational plans.

Wing, the company that's an offshoot of Google's parent company Alphabet, has been trialling the technology over the past 18 months, making a whopping 3,000 deliveries to needy people.

Following approval from the Australia air safety regulator the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Wing will shortly commence delivery to 5 new suburbs of Canberra.

It has been testing its drones in Australia since 2014 but many residents had complained about the noise.

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If you live in Canberra why not drop by Wing's Australian website and just register, you never know whos going to be next!

The drone-delivery service, which has been a part of the pilot program since 2014, is now available to a limited number of users and will eventually expand to more people and places.

The drones will deliver food and drinks as well as medication directly to clients' homes.

Wing said the feedback obtained during its trials had been "valuable" and it hoped to "continue the dialogue".

In response, Wing said it had developed a quieter drone. Instead, Wing teamed up with Mexican food chain Guzman Y Gomez and pharmaceutical retailer Chemist Warehouse for some advanced trials in October 2017.

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