‘Halo’: Pablo Schreiber To Star In Showtime Series Based On Xbox Franchise

‘Halo’: Pablo Schreiber To Star In Showtime Series Based On Xbox Franchise

This poses a pretty big question that the Showtime Halo series will have to answer: Will Master Chief's face be shown on screen?

On the whole, Halo focuses on the 26th-century battle between humans and the race of aliens known as the Covenant. Pablo Schreiber - who is already a genre favorite, playing Mad Sweeney on Starz' American Gods - will be donning the iconic green armor and yellow reflective visor of John-117.

However, it's not known if Showtime's Master Chief will retain the mystery of the video game character.

It isn't yet clear whether we will ever see the face of the Emmy and Tony-nominated actor - Master Chief has, famously, never given us a proper look at what's hiding underneath that helmet of his in the games - but one thing is for certain, Schreiber definitely has the frame to do the character justice.

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Schreiber has acted in films like Den of Thieves, Skyscraper and the recent First Man. He's talented actor, and an unexpected choice for a role of this nature.

Per Showtime's official description, its Halo adaptation - which received a 10-episode order last June - will "weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future".

The Halo series is set to officially begin production this fall. That's not what's happening with the Showtime series, however, so it remains to be seen how this will all turn out.

Schreiber's alien-fighting super soldier is joined by new character Quan Ah (portrayed by Yerin Ha), a teenaged girl from the Outer Colonies who crosses paths with Master Chief in a way that changes both of their lives. Bathurst will also executive produce the show alongside AWAKE and THE BEAVER scribe Kyle Killen, who boarded the project as its writer, executive producer and showrunner.

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