Infiniti To Market Chinese Built EV Crossover Within 3 Years

Infiniti To Market Chinese Built EV Crossover Within 3 Years

Infiniti has released a couple of initial images for its Qs Inspiration concept ahead of its real-world debut at the Shanghai motor show.

Infiniti officials have said that from 2021 every model launched will be either an all-electric vehicle or e-Power hybrids, underlining Nissan's previously announced plan to make Infiniti primarily an electrified brand. The long and thick beltline lifts the sedan higher, even though Infiniti promises a low center of gravity from its electric powertrain.

INFINITI designers and engineers have been able to adapt the mechanical layout and physical proportions of the auto, engaging drivers and keeping them connected to the road while providing a sense of elevation and control.

Here it is, the vehicle Infiniti describes as "a sports sedan concept for the electrified era", the all-electric Infiniti Qs Inspiration.

Although this concept isn't set to go into production as is, it is likely to inspire future Infiniti sedans in terms of design.

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The first electric vehicle for Nissan Motor Co's premium brand Infiniti will be a sporty sedan produced in China, the Japanese carmaker said in a statement viewed by Reuters ahead of a public announcement expected as soon as Wednesday.

Much like the Q45, the auto all have a low-mounted powertrain and potent e-AWD system which Infiniti sad has been "engineered to thrill drivers with instantaneous acceleration and sustained power delivery".

"The age of electrification presents us with an opportunity to renew our credentials as an innovative challenger brand, ready to move quickly and decisively in this growing and exciting area of the market", Meunier said. Full press information will be available at

Is Infiniti now ready to launch an electric vehicle, after all? Its range of luxury automobiles is now built in manufacturing facilities in Japan, North America and China.

Design-wise, there are clear indications it's an Infiniti. But Infiniti had a calibrated approach in adopting electric power trains.

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