Kim Kardashian Gives Bathroom Tour After Fans Go Wild Over Its Design

Kim Kardashian Gives Bathroom Tour After Fans Go Wild Over Its Design

Namely, what's the deal with her weird, impossible sinks and freakish wall buttons? "It comes up and down, looks just like the floor", she described.

In response to a deluge of questions and comments from her fans, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star made a decision to give another little tour, this time addressing the unique aspects of her bathroom that people seemed to be the most confounded by. First off, the sinks are on an island, away from the wall, which is unusual in and of itself. "Kanye, Axel Vervoordt and Claudio Silvestrin kind of all did this sink and Claudio was the one that said it should be separated from the wall because it used to up against the wall, but we thought it would be cooler this way". Because there is no basin, it looks nearly as if water would flow onto the ground or stay on the countertop, but she demonstrates that the surface of the counter has a slight slope, so that the water hits the surface and flows down into a slot at the edge that serves as a drain. "And it goes in... no backsplash will come up", she added about the unique drainage method".

And now we can all sleep well knowing exactly how Kim Kardashian's sink works.

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On Wednesday, however, Kim posted an Instagram story in response to everyone's questions (and even helpfully referred her Twitter followers to the "tutorial").

"They are just three little buttons and they go 'on, ' 'dim, ' and 'off, '" Kim explained. She gave a tour of their bathroom which has a lightbox as a ceiling, a patio, as well as a massive bathtub and shower.

There's no need to explain why that's awesome.

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