Klobuchar Releases Taxes, Urges Trump to Do Same

Klobuchar Releases Taxes, Urges Trump to Do Same

CNN's chief business correspondent Christine Romans kicked off Tax Day 2019 by explaining the effects of President Donald Trump's tax cuts - and it looks like most Americans are benefitting.

"It is quite a bit earlier than it was mainly due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which reduced federal tax liability quite a bit", Pomerleau said. "Well, we're putting on the table some of the regressive parts of that Republican past tax bill".

To make matters worse, Trump is trying to pay for his tax cuts for the rich by gutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to the tune of over one trillion dollars and slashing funds for our classrooms.

Boos rose from the audience after Trump said "Today is tax day that we're celebrating".

In his remarks the president said the economy was doing well and that the recent tax cuts were "working very, very well".

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Companies are reaping benefits, using their savings to buy back stock at a record pace, according to TrimTabs Investment Research.

Trump bucked decades of presidential tradition by declining to show voters his tax filings, both as a candidate and as president. But so far, the tax cuts haven't delivered a major shot of financial adrenaline to most families.

The president's personal lawyers sent a new letter to Treasury Department on Monday to make the case that the IRS should not hand over the president's tax return information, saying the request is unconstitutional.

However, Senator Klobuchar said that money would be better invested in the country's crumbling infrastructure.

The president's trip to Minnesota is also significant given that he lost the state, which is a traditional Democratic stronghold, by just two points in 2016. But history would appear to be against him: Minnesota has not voted for a Republican for president since Richard Nixon in 1972.

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