Stacey Dooley says 'there are two sides to every story'

Stacey Dooley says 'there are two sides to every story'

Stacey's former partner Sam Tucknott has alleged that she dumped him for pro dancer Kevin following the series a year ago.

Stacey recently split from her boyfriend of five years Sam, 30, who branded Kevin a "snake" and a "rat" for sending flirty text messages to his ex.

When the split was announced in March there was growing rumours that Stacey had fallen for her former Strictly mentor.

Anyone with any adult life experience knows there are 2 sides to every story.

Stacey defended herself on Twitter Saying anyone with life experience knows that there are two sides to every story.

'I haven't got the time or energy to correct some of the utter nonsense I've read on here.

During an interview with the Daily Mail on Sunday, Sam said he found another text from Kevin during the early days of Strictly Come Dancing.

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"I didn't want to rock the boat".

"I grabbed the phone and confronted her".

"She had my full trust and support".

Speaking to The Sun, Sam said when he Facetimed Kevin and told him he knew about his affair with Stacey, he was terrified. My parents believed we could win without it, but I wanted to walk away from the whole thing.

The personal trainer went on to say he confronted Kevin and called him a "slippery, slimy snake". The glamorous Claire had studied ballet from the age of two and the pair performed together on the global tour of dance show Burn the Floor around the world. He'd cheer on Stacey when he could, then spend time with her and the others at the hotel. Sam also challenged his former friend during a FaceTime chat, accusing him of chasing Stacey as the pair danced to victory on the BBC One show past year.

He added that later on she texted him to apologise - and deny that she had cheated on him.

Kevin has yet to comment on the situation but with this being the 15th couple to fall foul of the show's curse, it looks like Strictly is getting a bigger reputation as a sort of celebrity Tinder rather than a dance competition.

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