Sunderland AFC bosses welcome closing of club's gender pay gap

Sunderland AFC bosses welcome closing of club's gender pay gap

The corporation has also closed its gap by more percentage points than any of its rivals.

There is a high median pay gap of almost 13.7 % in British Universities when compared to national average of 9.1 % in 2018.

Last year, the UK's national median pay gap was 18%. Often the resultant hourly rates can vary greatly; for example, if bonuses are paid in the pay period that includes April 5, they must be included in the ordinary pay calculations, which can sway hourly rate figures greatly. "Pay gap reporting is just the beginning". For women of color, for whom the gap is far greater, it won't be until November that each of their earnings match men's salaries from 2018.

The government will release details on Friday, but data already posted shows numerous country's big banks have pay gaps exceeding 30 percent, based on their mean hourly pay rate.

She has set a target for a 50:50 gender balance in C4's top 100 earners by 2023.

The company didn't respond to a request for comment, but it said in a report published alongside the data that "we recognize that we still have more work to do".

Companies headquartered in London reduced the gender pay gap on average by 0.39 per cent.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said there were "marked differences" between regions, with the median gender gap lowest in Scotland at 5.7% and highest in the South East and South West - both 11%.

The deadline for submitting the gender pay gap figures was yesterday (Thursday).

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Viacom, which owns Channel 5, said: "We are disappointed that our gender pay gap increased in the latest tax year, rather than narrowing as we had intended; if anything, the results have sharpened Viacom's resolve to achieve gender pay parity across our United Kingdom workforce".

"The causes of the gender pay gap are complex and deeply entrenched". That means the median woman at the investment bank is paid half what the median man gets.

ITN said it was committed to halve the gender pay gap and see women occupy half of the 20 highest earning roles by 2022, with a third in position by 2020.

"This profile reflects the industry and our gender pay gap results should be considered within the context of this distribution, as this has a significant influence on our overall gender pay gaps".

"We have the opportunity to achieve more in Scotland when it comes to equality than the painfully slow progress Westminster has delivered".

The trust states: "Since our first report in March 2018, the Trust has reviewed Talent Management processes, reviewed inclusion of "unconscious bias" training in recruitment training and challenging career stereotypes through the Talent for Care team to encourage more males into certain roles and associated career pathways".

Disheartingly, a separate study suggests it may take some time before the pay gap closes.

The gender pay gap Regulations at least bring the gender pay gap debate to the fore, at a minimum, every 12 months.

OMD Group has reported one of the lowest gender pay gaps in advertising, with an average (mean) of 9.2% in favour of men and a median (the midpoint in the ranges of women and men's pay) of 7.2%.

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