Tesla to launch ride-hailing service with self-driving cars

Tesla to launch ride-hailing service with self-driving cars

On stage it also claimed that this made its chips far more powerful than the Nvidia chips it had used before, but Nvidia quickly disputed the claim, saying Tesla had made a faulty comparison.

Musk, however, admitted to the audience and investors that sometimes he isn't on time with delivering on his promises.

Put simply, Tesla had decided that instead it could improve by an order of magnitude the workings of the "traditional" neural net processing units - a combination of graphical (GPU) and computer processing units (CPU) - by starting from scratch to combine both processes in one chip - making one AI chip to rule them all, so to speak.

Despite the fires, Tesla has previously said petrol-fuelled cars were 10 times more likely to catch fire than those powered by electric batteries. The timing of that will depend on when the company can overcome software, regulatory, and business challenges, but Musk said he feels confident that Tesla will have 1 million robotaxis (without human safety drivers) on the road next year.

The network allows vehicles to recognize images, determine what objects are and figure out how to deal with them.

Musk compared the Tesla Network to a combination between Uber and Airbnb. In 2015 he said full autonomy could be as little as two years away, and suggested that by the end of 2017 a Tesla would be able drive itself across the USA, from LA to NY.

"People will die", Rajkumar predicted.

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California, Tesla's biggest USA market, requires proof that fully autonomous cars can drive safely on public roads, but most other states aren't as stringent. While there are still many years of legislative and moral wrangling before self-driving cars are launched in the real world, the application of the technology is incredible to watch.

"A year from now we'll have over a million cars with full self-driving, software, everything", he predicted.

Tesla's vehicles are not yet at the standard of autonomy needed to earn the tag "self-driven".

Furthermore, owners will also be able to choose who can borrow their cars and limit their availability to specific times during the day.

At a presentation for investors about the company's autonomous technology Mr Musk unveiled a new section of the company's app which he said Tesla owners would be able to use to make money by adding their auto to a fleet of taxis, which would operate without drivers. Tesla would get 20% to 25% of each fare in the network.

Mr Musk told investors he expected regulators to approve ride-hailing in some areas for autonomous vehicles.

He compared buying a regular, gas-powered vehicle in 2019 - instead of an autonomous one - to someone purchasing a horse instead of a auto in the early 1900s. The system has automatic steering and cruise control but requires driver attention at the wheel.

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