Violence in Paris flares for the twenty-third weekend of protests

Violence in Paris flares for the twenty-third weekend of protests

Organizers have expressed their consternation that although Notre Dame's caretakers have been saying for years that they did not have enough funds for repairs, several billionaires announced they would give massive donations only after the fire.

Many protesters are frustrated that the worldwide effort to help Notre Dame has drawn more attention than their five-month-old Yellow Vest movement against wealth inequality, The Associated Press reported.

Macron's push for a speedy rebuild indicates he wants the fire-ravaged monument's reconstruction to be part of his legacy, and is seizing the moment to try to move on from the divisive yellow vest protests.

Images of smoke billowing above Paris were flashing across the news channels, and not the sort that the French have grown wearily familiar with since weekly clashes between police and yellow-vest protesters on burning barricades began last November. "I thought they had gone with the cathedral", he said.

According to Le Monde, on Saturday, the yellow vests were taking two routes across Paris, one starting at the basilica of Saint-Denis and the other at the Jussieu Campus of the Sorbonne, after more central routes were prohibited by police. He's now expected to do so next Thursday. "To pledge United Kingdom trees from across the the country to rebuild Notre Dame just seems to chime with what a lot of us felt when we saw the tragedy on TV".

One protester, 30-year-old Sebastian Maillet, who lost a hand when a police stun grenade exploded during one of the February protests in Paris, has announced legal action.

In a joint statement Saturday, the Paris state hospitals body (AP-HP) and the regional health authority insisted the files were simply to ensure the most effective treatment of injured people.

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Protesters are calling Saturday's demonstrations their "second ultimatum" against Macron and his government.

Yellow vest holding a french flag in front of a fire during the demonstration.

It would also have given the authorities the power to ban from demonstrations any individual "posing a particularly serious threat to public order".

Some yellow vest critics accuse Macron of trying to exploit the fire for political gain.

As of 12:00 GMT on Saturday, a total of 9,600 people were demonstrating across France, including 6,700 in the capital, the interior ministry said.

Protest organisers have repeatedly said the official figures are underestimated.

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