Xbox One S All-Digital getting unveiled this week, out next month

Xbox One S All-Digital getting unveiled this week, out next month

We've known for a while that Microsoft is planning a disc-free, all-digital version of its Xbox One S console, and now we've got some leaked images and a handful of specs to pore over as launch day approaches.

The device will look almost identical to the current Xbox One S, but without a drive slot. The packaging also reveals that it will come bundled with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3 already installed on there. The Xbox One S All Digital console will be reportedly be priced at €229.99 in Europe, which roughly equals $260. It will be announced at some point in April, with Microsoft accepting pre-orders this month for those who want to guarantee themselves a device when the console launches on May 7.

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Even though the Xbox One S all-digital edition is launching at a budget price, it will still provide some decent power for those looking to upgrade from the standard Xbox One console. I've had a quick look around at current Xbox One S console pricing in the United Kingdom and notice that the 1TB console with one controller costs £179, and multiple game bundles are available around the £200 mark. With support for 4K Ultra HD videos, this storage space could also be eaten up by movies. As always, as soon as Microsoft makes anything official, we'll bring you the news here. After all, the next-gen Xbox is rumored to have an all-digital, disc-less variant as well.

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