A Strange New Apple iPhone Design May Be in the Works

A Strange New Apple iPhone Design May Be in the Works

It seems that with every passing day there's a new Apple iPhone 11 leak and if even half the features about this smartphone bear fruit, then this year's model is going to be pretty revolutionary.

The analysts believe that the 25 percent tariff could lead to a 14 percent price hike for the iPhone, which means that the base model, which is now priced at $999 in the United States, could end up being sold for almost $1,150. It remains to be seen if Apple will add a new color. These features include charging AirPods with iPhones, increased the zoom and many others.

USB-C on the iPhone would help to unify Apple's system and encourage both developers and manufacturers to create the next-generation of accessories for the iPhone.

Mac Otakara also claims to have knowledge of the silicone cases that Apple will sell for its next-gen iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max devices.

Whilst we've certainly gotten used to a notch on our screens, it's not exactly the most convenient, especially when you're watching a video or conducting other tasks that require your whole screen to operate effectively.

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Last week was a busy one in Apple news.

Samsung and Huawei are both racing to launch phones with cutouts in the display for a camera, and we'd love to see Apple do the same. In addition, the iPhone maker is said to be working on an auto-correction feature that is supposed to fit people back into a photo. On an interesting note, the new selection was divulged by way of glass shards.

Only time will tell what route Apple decides to take. The new features of these models are rumoured to have a number of fantastic features.

More than 60% of Apple's 2018 revenue came from the iPhone, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. It's not something that's terribly useful in the real world, however.

For several years, Apple has stuck with the same 5W power adaptor for iPhone, despite adding capabilities such as wireless charging to newer devices.

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